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Running with Values

In their nearly two decades of working with one another, CrestCore Realty co-founders Dan Butler and Douglas Skipworth have run halfway around the world together — literally.  A year after… more
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The Real Deal

When real estate mogul and finance guru Robert Kiyosaki took a real estate course in the early 1970s, he had a feeling it was what he was destined to do… more
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Chief Empowerment Officer

CoreVest CEO Beth O’Brien maintains a belief that likely isn’t popular among other chief executives. “You actually want to encourage dissent,” she said. “You don’t want to encourage people to… more
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Rooted in Service

Photos by Rob Kavaler |  Though his roots might be far from residential and commercial financing, RCN Capital CEO Jeffrey Tesch’s first foray into real estate investing opened his eyes… more
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Presidents’ Circle: Aaron Norris

Not many real estate investors can say they started their career in real estate when they were in preschool. But Aaron Norris can. He began rehabbing houses with his dad… more
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Featured Investor: Marco Santarelli

This investor’s mission went from making money to helping one million people achieve financial freedom.   With a last name like Santarelli, it’s no surprise this investor’s favorite travel spot… more
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Fab and Fearless

When you see “Bargain Mansions” host Tamara Day on television swinging sledgehammers, grinding metal, and installing sheetrock, it’s not just her construction and design skills on display. It’s also a… more
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Going for Billions

For entrepreneurs like Kevin Ortner and Greg Rand, problems equal opportunity. And as far as problems go, you can’t get much bigger than the Great Recession in the late 2000s… more