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Creating an IMPACT

Eight years ago, Gene Guarino contributed another example of the popular phrase necessity is the mother of invention. Guarino created RAL (Residential Assisted Living) Academy when his own mother needed… more
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The Real Estate Matchmaker

For Josh Stech, helping people find a better place to live has never been a job, but a calling. Stech is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sundae, a California-based firm… more
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The Rocket Man

Typically, the terms “risk taker” and “cautious” are not applied to the same person, but Ryan Robson had made a career out of assuming both of these traits when it… more
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Flipping the Script

Cal American Homes owner and Claremont Capital founder Jessie Rodriguez didn’t just play a house flipper on television, he does so in real life. Over the course of 20 years,… more
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The Disruptive Educator

Those familiar with the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad know it is an exploration into personal finance, investing and making money work for people rather than the other way… more
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Invest with Purpose

At some point in his career, Philanthroinvestors® founder Ivan Anz realized he was just “investing money for money.” It wasn’t always like that, however. Anz had an entrepreneurial spirit long… more
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The Wealth Creator

No one could blame RealInvestors® Chief Visionary Sherman Ragland if he had shied away from real estate after his first introduction to the industry. When Ragland was in junior high… more
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On Trend

The real estate industry has been somewhat slow to embrace technology when it comes to transactions, but for the past five years, Roofstock has been there for those who have… more