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Seller Finance Loans

Seller Financing is a valuable tool that will put more money in your pocket when you sell a property and help you sell faster especially as banks tighten lending. Plus,… more

Investing in Community

Real estate investors have the power to do more than just buy and sell properties. The investments you acquire, and what you do with them, can have a significant impact… more

Too Soon for Tax Season?

We all know the old saying: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is true in business. It seems that most people let out a collective sigh… more

Compensating Your Tenants

The landlord-tenant relationship is not always as straightforward as it may seem. This is especially true when a property owner may need to compensate a tenant, as opposed to the… more

Land Trusts

Unfortunately for real estate investors, separating fact from fiction when it comes to land trusts can be difficult. A land trust is a simple tool that has been around since… more
Investing Strategies

Reinventing the Ranch

The ranch was the most popular architectural design style post-World War II, and with the abundance of land available then, subdivisions full of ranch style houses popped up everywhere, in… more
Investing Strategies

Managing Costs in Build-to-Rent

One of the biggest challenges for any real estate developer or home builder is managing costs. Land, materials, and labor can all fluctuate from a project’s inception to completion, which… more