Case Study: How Lima One Capital Achieved Improved Borrower Experience Adopting Elphi’s Loan Origination System

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About Lima One Capital:

Lima One Capital is recognized in private lending as the nation’s premier lender for real estate investors. With a focus on providing Fix&Flip, Ground Up New Construction, Rental (DSCR), and Multifamily loan programs, Lima One Capital has originated approximately $10 billion in loans funded and more than 28,000 projects financed.

The Challenge Faced by Lima One Capital:

Lima One Capital faced challenges in finding a loan origination system (LOS) to support its rapid nationwide growth. “We entered a search to find a new loan origination system, trying to provide our business with a more modern, flexible architecture,” explains Rankin Blair, Lima One Capital’s Chief Operating Officer. “We surveyed the market and found that off-the-shelf solutions didn’t offer the functionality we needed to support our rapid growth and scale.”

Elphi’s Solution – Why Elphi Stood Out:

Elphi’s platform addresses challenges faced by institutions such as Lima One with a configurable, rules engine-based, data-driven solution and over 400 API endpoints, driving innovation and efficiency. “We needed an automation solution to bring all our loan origination activities into one system, and the Elphi platform has provided this,” Blair says.

The benefits of working with Elphi were evident:

Standout Features:

Streamlined Workflow and Task Management: System administrators can set workflows without coding, enabling users to focus on their tasks. “With Elphi, we have a much more efficient way to manage the loan origination process through task management,” says Blair. “We are now able to custom build, as administrators in the system, tasks for each of our loan programs and processes and have those fire on an automated basis. This functionality allows our processors and underwriters to move the loan file forward more efficiently and close our loans more quickly.”

Modern Integration Capabilities: Built on an open API architecture, Elphi’s platform seamlessly integrates with various 3rd-party service providers. “By integrating our LOS with all our service providers, as well as our in-house systems and processes, we can deliver a better user experience for our borrowers and our associates,” Blair says.

Management of Complex Borrower Entities: Elphi’s system provides robust capabilities to manage intricate borrower organization structures, enhancing operational efficiency for Lima One. “Elphi offers unique and exciting ways to manage our borrower relationships. We are lending to complex entities, and the data schema helps us track and manage our credit process better than any other system we reviewed,” says Blair.

Fast-tracked Adoption and Conversion: Lima One experienced accelerated system adoption, thanks to Elphi’s intuitive interface, configurable features, and dedicated support. With Elphi’s robust API architecture, Lima One seamlessly migrated thousands of borrower profiles from its legacy system to Elphi’s platform in just a few hours.

Iterative Development: Elphi’s ability to swiftly incorporate user feedback and modify features ensured a scalable experience for Lima One without necessitating custom development.

Results and Impact:

With the entire operations team fully onboarded to Elphi’s loan origination system, Lima One has seen the following tangible results:

Improved Processing Cycle Times: Lima One saw an impressive improvement in loans’ processing cycle times, removing over 10 days per loan since the initial implementation.

Time Saved: Using Elphi’s platform, Lima One saved over 8,000 annualized hours in originating the same number of loans using the same staff.

Enhanced User Experience: Elphi’s platform empowered Lima One’s teams to focus on delivering an enhanced customer experience to borrowers, thanks to automated task management and field level validations streamlining a user’s workflows.

Scalability: Elphi’s scalable architecture supported Lima One’s growth plans, providing a stable foundation for future innovations and market expansions.

Data Analytics: Leveraging Elphi’s hundreds of API endpoints, Lima One gained robust data analytics capabilities, enabling deeper insights and informed decision-making processes.

Bright Future:

By leveraging Elphi’s modern platform, Lima One further positions itself for continued success and customer-centric growth in the dynamic business purpose lending space. “Elphi has truly been a transformative technology for Lima One. It will help us scale our business while making it easier for our customers to close their loans,” Blair concludes.

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