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Marketing on the Go

Homebuyers have ditched the newspaper classifieds for something far more high-tech: the internet. If you want to leverage the internet fully, it isn’t enough to integrate your MLS with real… more
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Instagram-Worthy Staging and Photography

House staging and well-composed photos go together like peanut butter and jelly. A single ingredient just doesn’t hit the spot the same way. A perfectly-staged house without photos — or… more
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Social Media: Facebook

Episode 12 – 00:06:27 In this episode, learn from Abhi about Facebook business pages, personal pages, and groups. He’ll go into detail about how to utilize each type of profile/group…… more
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Social Media: Instagram

Episode 11 – 00:12:42 Instagram is one of Abhi Golhar’s favorite social media platforms. Watch this video and you’ll find out why. Plus, gain insight into the best times to…… more