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Hot Market: Atlanta

The Atlanta real estate market has had steady growth over the past several years making it a great place to live as well as invest in. Located in the state… more
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Clearing Skies

During this year, it has been difficult to figure out which local markets have the best potential for real estate investors. The pandemic not only cut growth in all markets… more
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The New Houston

I have lived in every major city in Texas. It’s all great! But there’s just something about Houston that draws me in. After living in Austin and other cities, we… more
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Hot Market: Cincinnati

Driving through the mountain, over the Ohio river with houses all around and the skyline of Cincinnati ahead, the view can be quite breathtaking. I remember driving through the city… more
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A Demographic Shift Prime for Investment

With inflation on the rise and uncertainty growing, investors look to the horizon, watching for patterns and identifying changes that point to opportunity. The desire to diversify amid growing market… more