Think Realty Magazine May/June 2023

May 2023 | Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Design | 
Small Space, Big Impact •Kitchen Cabinet Design Tips & Tricks for 2023 • The Balance Between Successful Design and Budget • How to Design a Home from the Ground Up • Why Design Matters for Industrial
Properties •5 Renovations That Add Value to Your House Flip • The Role of Design in Every Aspect of Real Estate

Funding | 
Designing the Perfect Fix-and-Flip Loan • Business Lines of Credit: The Golden Egg That Keeps on Giving

Investment Strategy | 
Understanding Land Sale Contracts

Legislation | 
Tenants Are Not the Enemy of Housing Providers •Layers of the Florida Condo Legislation

Market and Trends | 
Lower the Boom • Why Investors Are Cautiously Bullish to Begin 2023 

Operations | 
What to Consider When Establishing Commercial Real Estate KPIs • 3 Ways to Use Lease Management Software for Inflation Protection • Designed For Success: Creating Achievable Goals •4 Things You’ve Never Considered About
Your Website’s Design •Segmenting for Success • Why Insurance Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought •12 Tips for Photographing Your Rental Property • Why the Design Phase Sets the Stage for Project Success

Special Suppliers Section | 
Save Money on REI Suppliers

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