Think Realty Magazine July/August 2023

July 2023 | Funding, Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Legislation | 
How Legislation Impacts the Real Estate Investment Industry

Market and Trends | 
Where to Expect Increasing Foreclosure Volume for the Rest of 2023 • Deceiving Appearances

Operations | 
Navigating New Norms • Creating Your Business Flywheel •Six Strategies for Leveraging Your Industry Influence • How Social Media Thought Leadership Generates Leads • How to Market to Prospects Effectively • Finding Deals With Good Cash Flow • Establishing Credibility in Commercial Real Estate • Six Strategies for Leveraging Your Industry Influence

Investor Review | 
A Guide to Real Estate Financing Options •Navigating a Changing Market with BRRRR • Broker Power: A Key to Investors’ Success • Can Real Estate Marketing Be Effective and Affordable? •5 Tips for Deciding Which Investment Loan Is the Best Fit • Take It Outside! • Will Small Loans Be the New Thing for Big Banks? • Navigating the No-Loan Landscape •Understanding Solo 401(k)s for Self-Employed Individuals • A Million Reasons to Choose the Right Lender • Borrowing in an Uncertain Market •Doing the Math: How to Price Out a Fix-and-Flip Loan •Is Stability Finally in Sight for the Long Term Rental Market in 2023?

Investment Strategy | 
Understanding Equity Sharing • Re-Righting—Not Rewriting—the History of African American Real Estate Investors •Green Rush Risk Management •10 Tips for Successfully Managing Your First Rental Property Investment

Funding | 
The Credit Score Myth • 6 Reasons Why Real Estate Is a Good Investment 

Design | 
5 Ways to Give Your Investment Property a New Look

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