Think Realty Magazine March/April 2023

March 2023 | Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Investment Strategy | 
How to Be a Smart Real Estate Investor in a Tight Market •Is Affordable Housing a Wise Investment? • 17 Ways You Can Make Money Investing in Real Estate

Special Focus: Education in Real Estate Investing | 
Why Experience Is the Best Education • Your Development Is a Process, Not a Destination •28 Free (or Inexpensive) REI Investor Tools •Why REI Education Is Important •How Do You Choose Good Real Estate

Investor Review | 
Key to Finding Hot Markets • Midwest Multifamily Market Trends • SEO Keyword Volumes in the Hottest
Real Estate Markets • Hottest Real Estate Investing Markets for 2023 • Child’s Play • America’s Last Stand at Affordable Housing • Expanding Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio in an Evolving Market •Booming Markets for Self-Storage Real Estate •Unlocking Your Financial Future with an SDIRA •A Market for Groves

Legislation | 
Are You Up-to-Date About Legislation That Could Impact Your Portfolio?

Market and Trends | 
Where Should Real Estate Investors Go for Current Market News? • Beat the Odds •Corporate Investors vs. Homeowners

Operations | 
Process Map Your Way to Success • Using Data Enrichment Services to Guide Your Investments • 
The Importance of a Business Operating System

Sales and Marketing | 
How to Build Better Prospect Lists

Design | 
The Front Door: A Portal to First Impressions

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