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Why Multifamily Is in a Good Spot

The markets for apartment rentals and home and condo purchases usually move in opposite directions. A strong housing market is generally accompanied by soft rental markets and vice versa. However,… more
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Checkbook IRA, or Checkbook LLC?

A recent case has shed light on one of the riskiest retirement plan strategies offered by promoters. In McNulty v. Commissioner (157 T.C. 10), a U.S. Tax Court provided clarity… more
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Ashcroft Capital Announces Second Fund

At Ashcroft Capital, we focus on capital preservation while still having upside potential through our Value-Add Funds. We are proud to announce our second Fund, the Ashcroft Value-Add Fund II… more
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Commercial Loan Strategies: Outro

Episode 8 – 00:00:24 Thank you for watching and investing the time in yourself to prepare for financing in your upcoming real estate deals.… more To enjoy this content, you… more
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Commercial Loan Strategies: Loan Amounts

Episode 4 – 00:07:52 In this episode Eric discusses some benchmark loan amounts that you should be aware of when shopping for multifamily properties.  Find out where the terms change…… more