Think Realty Podcast #279 – Invigorating Market Trends & Strategies For 2023

by , | Jul 25, 2023 | Funding, Investment Strategy, Podcast

Do you know what to do to become a more informed real estate investor? Our host, Abhi Golhar, sat down with Jennifer McGuinness, President at Invigorate Finance, to discuss what the number one strategy a real estate investor should be using today. They chat about if the market is going to be 2008 again, what some of the KPI’s that investors should be tracking to become a more informed real estate investor, and why real estate investors are moving to the Midwest for their investment strategy. Plus, they talk about the trends in the marketplace for the younger demographic and how it will impact home ownership in 2024 and Abhi gets Jennifer’s opinion on the statement, “We can no longer own America but we can rent it”. For more information on Invigorate Finance, visit
  • Abhi Golhar

    Abhi Golhar is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, 3x nationally syndicated radio show host on the Wall Street Business Radio Network, and media figure, whose experience encompasses print, podcasting, radio, and television appearances.

  • Jennifer McGuinness

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