Oil and Gas Cash Flow

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Alternative Investing, Investment Strategy, Webinar

00:58:27|In this webinar, you’ll learn about a diversified 4,435 acre field in West Texas with up to 30+ wells and a massive upside from the new technology. This currently producing field has immediate monthly cash flow, tax benefits, two additional pay zones and acquisition cost of $1.00 per revocable barrel. This is an exclusive 506 (c) offering for accredited investors only. This is an excellent hedge against inflation for your investable dollars or retirement account!

  • Carson Jones

    Carson has been an entrepreneur for 16 years and actively involved in passive investing for the past 12 years. In recent years Natural Resource and Commercial Real Estate properties have become his main area of focus, because they offer consistent cash flowing returns. Carson holds a BBA in Finance from Baylor University. He enjoys spending time with his family and helping others.

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