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Investing Strategies

Which Type of Lender Is Right for You?

Lenders come in all shapes and sizes. Investors often don’t have a solid understanding of the different types of lending entities, how they are structured, and the products they offer.… more
Investing Strategies

Loan Assumptions

The ability to assume existing debt can be a great way to make a deal work for both buyer and seller. In a relatively flat or declining rate environment as… more
Markets and Trends

Hot Spots for Home Construction

The ongoing supply and labor shortages induced by the pandemic have paralyzed most industries in America, but not construction. Over the last two years, residential construction has surged across the… more
Weekend Investor

5 Loans to Help You Buy a House

The economy is still recovering from the constraints of the pandemic, but the housing market is booming. With people around the country relocating and the real estate industry thriving, there… more