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What Is Your Entrepreneur Community or Tribe?

“Entrepreneurship is not only a mindset but a skillset.” —Michael Kapor In a recent article entitled “8 Entrepreneurship Trends You Need to Know (2022-2024),” Josh Howarth notes the rise of… more

A 12-Step Program for Entrepreneurs

So, you want to become an entrepreneur in the real estate industry? Get ready for the ride. Your idea for your business is just the beginning. You must find a… more

Designing Your Entrepreneurial Life

You invest time into the design of your real estate properties, but what about the design of your business, and your life as an entrepreneur? How much time and care… more
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Sustaining Partnerships

Real estate investing is very rewarding. But the last thing you want to happen is to have all that success and lose one of the most valuable assets you have—your… more