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Think Realty Podcast #195 – The Business (Not Job) Mindset


Are you treating your business as a hobby? Have you found yourself in a feast or famine situation more than once? If you’re stuck in the grind of day-to-day work and haven’t realized real estate freedom, then this show is for you! Learn mistakes to avoid, responsibilities to delegate, and how to build a business, not a job. Learn how to take the busy out of your business!

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Danny has a software development background.  He’s combined his passion for software and real estate investing to create Forefront CRM, a real estate investor CRM.  You might be thinking there are a lot of CRM’s for real estate investors, but none of them really handled converting leads into deals very well.  Danny and his team decided to focus on making Forefront the best at ensuring no leads ever slip through the cracks.  They accomplished this by using a visual approach. Think digital whiteboard.  The other aspect of what a real estate investor CRM should be good at is follow up.  Danny and his team created top-notch automated follow up within Forefront. If you’re not consistent with your motivated seller follow up, you need to read Danny’s Definitive Guide to Follow Up For Real Estate Investors.


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