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Marketing on the Go

Homebuyers have ditched the newspaper classifieds for something far more high-tech: the internet. If you want to leverage the internet fully, it isn’t enough to integrate your MLS with real… more

What Is Your Entrepreneur Community or Tribe?

“Entrepreneurship is not only a mindset but a skillset.” —Michael Kapor In a recent article entitled “8 Entrepreneurship Trends You Need to Know (2022-2024),” Josh Howarth notes the rise of… more

What Is a True Entrepreneur?

“Entrepreneurship” has become nothing more than a buzzword. It is laden on the lips and social posts of young “hungry-for-success” influencers. The word used to convey the ideology of daring… more

SOPs Are the Key to Business Success

Is your business set up for success? Or is it doomed for failure? Multiple factors will decide the ultimate outcome, but one of biggest—if not the biggest—determining factors is the… more

A 12-Step Program for Entrepreneurs

So, you want to become an entrepreneur in the real estate industry? Get ready for the ride. Your idea for your business is just the beginning. You must find a… more

How to Thrive in Turbulent Markets

Inflation. War. Recession. Market crashes. Interest rate hikes. These are just some of the headlines we’ve seen during the last few months. Many people are scared and don’t know what… more
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Starting a Business as an Introvert

It’s a common misconception that in order to succeed at business, a gregarious, extroverted personality is key. But success in entrepreneurship is not exclusive to outgoing people. Consider famous introverts… more