Think Realty Podcast #287 – Build Your Business Empire

by , | Sep 19, 2023 | Fundamentals, Operations, Podcast

Eddie Wilson points out that, “many real estate investors make a massive mistake and that is they don’t treat their real estate business as a business, they treat it as a hobby,” but there IS a solution! Eddie sat down with Jim Tannehill from Empire to chat about the Empire program and the benefits of an operating system for real estate investors. They discuss the five phases of business, what phase Jim typically sees most real estate investors at, and what tools Empire has for personnel and to manage cash flow. Plus, Jim talks about the online assessment, which will show which phase you’re in and where you can advance. For more information and to get a consultation, visit

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  • Eddie Wilson

    An entrepreneur and visionary by nature, Eddie’s widespread interests have led to successful ventures across the globe, from operating non-profits and owning an ad agency that worked with well-known household brands, to investing in hundreds of real estate projects and building a nationally syndicated radio show. Today, he guides AAPL and Think Realty with his marketing, funding, and real estate investing knowledge to ensure their establishment as the premier organizations in their sectors.

  • Jim Tannehill

    Jim Tannehill has been an entrepreneur for 10+ years. Jim is Empire Certified, Trainual Certified and an expert in LucidCharts. As a business coach, Jim has consulted with more than 100 companies in many different industries and verticals. As COO, Jim oversees the complete operating picture for Empire Operating Systems and is very hands on with ensuring that all of our clients are moving forward in the Five Phases of Business.

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