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Hotel Outlook Remains Bifurcated in 2022

Summer vacations jump-started recovery. The U.S. lodging sector entered the autumn season having made up substantial ground during the spring and summer months. Loosened capacity restrictions, vaccine availability and pent-up… more

Matterport vs. Zillow 3D

3D tour technology allows providers of single-family rental homes the opportunity for future residents to view their homes via immersive, three-dimensional tours that make the viewer feel like they’re right… more

Long-term Rental Loans

One of the most important aspects when it comes to real estate investments is picking the right loan program for yourself and the property. Each lender will offer multiple programs… more

Ready to start flipping houses?

Let’s talk frankly at the outset—flipping houses is a huge undertaking. It will require hard work and determination. It will also be one of the most (potentially) lucrative business ventures… more