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What the Heck Is Lead Generation, Anyway?

For many investors, new and experienced alike, deciding which lead generation source is the best option can be a daunting task. There are a few ways to simplify the process… more
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Follow the Money

With the U.S. population stagnating (for the first time ever, it didn’t grow last year), real estate investment is becoming a zero-sum game. For each good market, there’s a bad… more
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Local Connections Aid Successful Development

As any developer knows, one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in the pre-job phase is gaining the approval and support of local governing organizations. Whether you are planning… more
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Empathy As Advocacy

Empathy seems like an overused term lately. It conjures up visions of corporate mission statements that use the word empathy but in practice no one who works at the company… more
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Extreme Makeover: Creativity Is a Must!

Almost all extreme makeovers require one thing: creativity. How creative you can ultimately be determines whether you can pull off a project as large and as complex as an extreme… more