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3 Keys to Back-to-Back Tenant Turnover

Savvy landlords know the keys of a back-to-back move-in/move-out process: 365 days of uninterrupted revenue. With 2017 occupancy rates predicted to be 94.6 percent, landlords nationwide are trying to maximize… more
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Insurance Myths Debunked, a Think Realty Series

Let’s debunk one of the trickiest myths in property insurance: Self-insurance is too risky. This is one of the trickier myths we discuss because everything depends on what line of… more
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The Attractions of Commercial Real Estate

Direct participation in commercial real estate (CRE), private investments via pass-through vehicles, as opposed to publicly-traded REITs, has long been a key asset class for most larger portfolios.  Online marketplaces… more
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Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse in Real Estate

Buyer’s remorse is something we want to avoid, especially when it comes to real estate because it comes at a high price. We consider, evaluate, and scrutinize all the options… more