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Back to Basics in 2021

In late March of 2020, the real estate industry collectively appeared to be heading straight off a deep cliff of Grand Canyon proportions as the widespread fallout connected with the… more

Thinking Virtually

At REVA Global, we talk with entrepreneurs every day. We hear the needs of our clients and see time and again how outsourcing to trained Virtual Assistants enables our entrepreneur… more
ArticleLead Generation

5 Tips for Growing Your Leads List

“How to I find property?” This is the number one question from real estate agents and real estate investors. To find property, you should build a diverse leads list and… more

Seller Finance Loans

Seller Financing is a valuable tool that will put more money in your pocket when you sell a property and help you sell faster especially as banks tighten lending. Plus,… more

Investing in Community

Real estate investors have the power to do more than just buy and sell properties. The investments you acquire, and what you do with them, can have a significant impact… more