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How to Protect Yourself from the Housing Bubble

Just when you think housing prices couldn’t get any higher, they have. In January 2022, home prices skyrocketed again as home inventories reached record lows. The bottom line is this:… more
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Is Wall Street Buying Up Main Street?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years (and increasingly since the pandemic) that large institutions such as BlackRock and Zillow are buying up the housing… more
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The 7 Keys to a Successful Rehab

Flippers and would-be landlords want a magic tool that will estimate renovation costs and tell them exactly what to fix every time they find an opportunity. Unfortunately, such a tool… more
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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to move, you can look on the internet to research a new area you might be interested in, but that’s only the beginning of your investigative journey.… more