Busy people know how hard it might be to find some more hours in a day to do more – thanks to neuroscience and psychology we now know many interesting hacks and tips that you can use to expand your possibilities and give yourself some more time on important things. In this article we’re going to go through several of them, the basic ones: we will talk about delegating, about the techniques that will help you to solve different problems quicker and about the importance of planning. 

How to start doing more and care less 

It might sound like a bad idea, but delegating is a lot about weakening your grip and setting yourself free from all the control that you have in your hands. For example, if you have the whole business on you and you decide to start managing a social media page, you should think closely about what things you should be doing and which ones you can delegate to other specialists or even simpler – third party services. 

If you’re willing to gain more subs on Instagram – buy Instagram followers, if you want to have a content plan that is going to be filled with different ideas, but you don’t have resources to sit and think on it, delegate it to a copywriter or a SMM specialist. You get the idea, don’t be afraid to share your duties with people, it is going to play in your favor.

How to solve the problems quicker

We’ll start a little bit from afar – so, you might not know that, but all of us people have two regimens of thinking, the focused one and the relaxed one. So the focused one is used when we’re searching for the precise decision of the problem, whilst it is taking all the energy that we have. But being in this mode for too long won’t benefit you; to succeed at brainstorming and problem solving you have to learn how to switch between different regimens of thinking. 

The second one – the relaxed thinking – is all about letting your mind wander. When it is relaxed and not thinking about the problem with lots of focus, some excellent and not that obvious decisions might appear in your mind. And this will lead you to results way faster than if you’d be spending all your time in a focused regimen. 

How to plan like a boss

If you’re here to do everything at once (and if you’re too worried about having to buy real Instagram followers for your page, you should know that all the successful bloggers do it, because they know how to delegate), you should always have your planner on hands and helping you with going through difficult routines. 

You can use a special method: make plans for a year, a month, a week and a day separately. While moving to a shorter period of time you’ll be able to spread the tasks decently and see how many steps you really need to take to fulfill each one of them. It is going to work better, rather than having a chaotic list of duties that you need to go through in the near future. 

We believe that planning can really spare you lots of time; if you are not into planning on paper, dive into AppStore to GoogleStore and pick a virtual one. Today those have lots of helpful additional options and an opportunity to synchronize them with your calendar, whichever one you’re using. 


If you’re going to use all of this advice, don’t forget that to succeed at it you also have to maintain a healthy psychological and work-rest routine; your brain is like a car that needs decent fuel and some technical work from time to time. All of that is being done either in your sleep or while you’re eating/working out/spending time on your hobbies. Care about your brain and your psyche to be able to get all the nice results in your work that they can provide you with.


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