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Flipping vs. Turnkey vs. Syndications

Episode 1 – 00:07:44 Flip and Dani give a brief overview of the pros and cons of 3 different real estate investing methods; flipping, turnkey, and syndication investing. They also…… more
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Structuring Sponsor-Syndicated Investments

Sponsor-syndicated private real estate investments can be structured in many different ways. In most private syndications, the sponsor contributes a smaller amount of the investment capital; however, the sponsor offers… more
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Profiting from Real Estate Syndication

A real estate syndication is essentially referring to the partnership between an expert, or team of experts, and a group of investors who collaborate to acquire larger assets that otherwise… more
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Real Estate Syndications Gain Momentum in 2018

These past few years, real estate media headlines have been filled with two words likely familiar to most investors: “syndication” and its cousin, “crowdfunding.” While syndications have been around for… more