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Investing Strategies

Think Local, Learn Local

Over the past year, one of the changes we all had to make was learning how to thrive in a virtual world. An advantage that I found with this new… more
Investing Strategies

Profiting from Real Estate Syndication

A real estate syndication is essentially referring to the partnership between an expert, or team of experts, and a group of investors who collaborate to acquire larger assets that otherwise… more
Investing Strategies

When the Largest Generation Affects REI

Baby Boomers have been at the helm of economic trends in the United States for decades. Currently holding nearly 80 percent of total housing wealth in the United States, the… more
Investing Strategies

Is AI Next in REI Education?

Over the past year, real estate investment (REI) organizations have scrambled to remain relevant and operative as the pandemic has shut down and altered in-person meetings. Mostly gone are the… more
Investing Strategies

Design Within Your Budget

Realistically, for most housing providers and homeowners, designer trends seem out of reach, but what if you could achieve the designer look and leave money in the bank? The key… more
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The Disruptive Educator

Those familiar with the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad know it is an exploration into personal finance, investing and making money work for people rather than the other way… more

A New President at, the nation’s leading distressed real estate marketplace, today announced that Ali Haralson has been promoted to president, a new position in the company that will oversee both sales and… more
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How to Invest in Real Estate Debt Funds

Real estate debt funds gained popularity during the 2008 financial crisis. Essentially, debt funds link borrowers, who tend to be developers, to short-term capital to finance their construction projects. Real… more