Grow Your Network Finale

We started our journey to grow our real estate investor connections on January 1. Each of us may have a different reason, but ideally, we all hope to enhance this REI industry that makes a difference in communities as well as impacting individual families and lives.

Reflect Briefly, Then Move Forward

This month you’ve taken an action every single day to grow your network. Don’t stop that momentum just because the month is ending. Here’s how to finish strong:


Day 29 – Follow up with the new additions to your REI network. Send an email or connect on social channels to stay in touch.

Day 30 – Consider upgrading to a Think Realty Free Account for additional REI community insight and support.

Day 31 – Set a goal for yourself in February 2018; maybe work to achieve it with one of the many new connections you made in January!


Review January’s daily recommendations to help grow your network. Don’t forget to repeat as necessary throughout the year.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


Network Building Resources:


3 ‘Unknowns’ that are Critical to a Real Estate Investor’s Success

Effective Networking at Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) Meetings

3 Tips for Successful Speed Networking

Join Local Groups episode from Resident Expert Eddie Wilson’s course Marketing on a Tight Budget

Create Deal Flow from Sonia Booker’s Creative Real Estate Investment course.

7 Truths about Networking in Real Estate


*Think Realty Premium Account Member Resources:

Resident Expert Ben Rao’s Networking episode from his Building a Real Estate Investment Business course

Abhi Golhar’s Local Networking Events, “Word of Mouth” episode from his course, Finding Wholesale Deals


Did one of these daily actions help you with a break through in your network? We want to know! Join the conversation on social media.

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