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Grow Your Network Every Day This Month – Week 1

Grow your REI network

“The best deals are created, not located.” – Sonia Booker

It’s a great time to grow our networks. Many of us have just committed to, or reaffirmed, our real estate investment goals for 2018. There’s no doubt that successful investing takes a village – that’s where your network comes in. From sourcing deals to finding a partner, there’s not much downside to expanding your connections. Here’s something you can do every day this week to widen your net.


Grow Your Network Week 1


“The best deals are created, not located.” – Sonia Booker


Day 1 – Determine your goal for networking. Do you want to find a partner? Is it simply to talk shop? When you walk into a hand-shaking opportunity, make sure you know why you are there.


Day 2 –  Tell your friends and family you are investing in real estate – you’ll be top of mind if they run across a deal.


Day 3 – Read 7 Truths about Networking in Real Estate.


Day 4 – Have business cards made to share with your new contacts.


Day 5 – Research real estate investment conferences to attend this year. May we suggest you check out Think Realty’s?


Day 6Watch this episode from Sonia Booker’s Creative Real Estate Investment course. Learn how connections help you create deal flow.


Day 7* – Think Realty investor-level members can watch Abhi Golhar’s Local Networking Events, “Word of Mouth” episode from his Finding Wholesale Deals course.


Take Action Every Day


Commit to your daily actions. Being intentional in real estate investing and in every day life can help you reach and exceed your goals. Watch for next week’s steps and join the conversation on Think Realty’s social channels.



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