There are a number of reasons why we network – the opportunity to learn from those around us is one. Some investors may have a different resume than you. Making a new connection, who is willing to let you in on their know-how, helps you tap into knowledge that you can only gain from hands-on experience.


Thankfully today, thanks to social media, there are more ways than ever to connect with others. You can grow your network and your knowledge by attending a meeting or hopping online. Read on to get your tip for each day this week.


Grow Your Network Week 4


 “All this networking doesn’t have to be at night and on the weekend. You can do some of this virtually where people are exchanging information…” – Ben Rao


Day 22 –  Find a Facebook group to join where you can talk with other real estate investors.

Day 23 –  Share your own expertise and knowledge with a new contact. Sometimes you have to give to get!

Day 24 – Follow Think Realty Resident Expert Ben Rao on LinkedIn

Day 25 – Read 3 ‘Unknowns’ that are Critical to a Real Estate Investor’s Success transcribed from a podcast by Kevin Guz and learn the ways to utilize your network.

Day 26 – Don’t forget contractors! We hear your local home improvement store may be a good place to run into one. Just be friendly and introduce yourself.

Day 27 – When you read an article of interest on Think Realty, reach out to the author by email. You can also interact by commenting on posts to prompt discussion.

* Day 28 – Think Realty members can watch Ben Rao’s Networking episode from his Building a Real Estate Investment Business course.


January is quickly coming to a close. If you missed out on the first half of our challenge to grow your network this month, feel free to jump right in! Don’t forget to add week 1, week 2, and week 3’s tasks to your calendar to get the most from this challenge.


Watch for next week’s final steps and join the conversation on Think Realty’s social channels.

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    Douglas Skipworth, CPA, CFA has been in the residential real estate industry for over 15 years and currently co-owns CrestCore real estate brokerage and property management, which manages 2,500 properties in Memphis, TN for 500 real estate investors. Douglas owns several hundred of those rental units personally. Please connect with Douglas directly on LinkedIn or at

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