We are happy to introduce the newest addition in the Think Realty Resident Expert program, Ben Rao. Ben enters the program with a true entrepreneurial spirit and a great sense of community. Successful real estate investors and even real estate agents all have a commonality when it comes to the entrepreneurial drive they share. I enjoy seeing the determination, creativity, and peer-to-peer encouragement that thrives in that environment.

Ben, who is an experienced investor as well as a professional community builder, fulfills on all of those fronts while providing the helpful reminder that successful investors focus on the things that are truly important. This is a perspective often needed in this space. While Ben’s experience spans various industries, he understands the importance of establishing business and brand properly as well as the power of community. 

I love Ben’s suggestion to investors starting out: Remember to build up your community. Whether you build across multiple regions by uniting investors in a single technological platform or focus on contributing to your local community, it’s a positive and inspiring message. That pay-it-forward mentality typically results in investors accomplishing many forms of good for both themselves and the community around them. 

Think Realty welcomes Ben to the program and feels his contributions align with our “Time. Wealth. Purpose.” message.

We are also pleased to continue providing sound education and investing videos from members of our existing Resident Expert team: Sonia Booker, Tameka Bryant, Abhi Golhar, Pamela J. Goodwin, and Eddie Wilson. The Think Realty Resident Expert team works continuously to bring investors the information they use on a daily basis to grow within the industry.

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