Every day in January, we’ve committed to one activity that will help us grow our network. Some of us are doing it to find deals, identify potential partnerships, source funding, or even to create an outlet to discuss real estate investing.  No matter your reason, here are the things you can do this week to help drive your business forward by developing connections.

Grow Your Network Week 3


“If you are not known, if you are not out there, if you are not shaking hands on a very regular basis, do you know what’s happening? Nothing.” – Abhi Golhar


Day 15 – Follow Think Realty Resident Expert Abhi Golhar – “The Connector” – on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Day 16 – Read Effective Networking at Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) Meetings by Resident Expert Linda Liberatore.

Day 17 –  For pocket listings and other insight, connect with a real estate agent.

Day 18 –  Read 3 Tips for Successful Speed Networking.

Day 19 – Follow Think Realty Resident Expert Linda Liberatore on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Day 20 – Your network also includes your suppliers. See which ones can give you discounts or perks with your Think Realty account.

Day 21 – Schedule coffee or lunch with a local REIA member.


Stick-to-it Tip


Since you’re working to grow your circle, recruit a connection to join this challenge with you. You can hold one another accountable for completing the daily action and push to see who can complete the month with the greatest impact.


If you’re just jumping into this challenge, you can easily catch up. Start with week 1, then move to week 2, or if you’re really ambitious, tackle more than one action a day and you’ll be on track with the rest of us and reaping the rewards of a larger network in no time.


Watch for next week’s steps and join the conversation on Think Realty’s social channels.

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  • Douglas Skipworth

    Douglas Skipworth, CPA, CFA has been in the residential real estate industry for over 15 years and currently co-owns CrestCore real estate brokerage and property management, which manages 2,500 properties in Memphis, TN for 500 real estate investors. Douglas owns several hundred of those rental units personally. Please connect with Douglas directly on LinkedIn or at Douglas@CrestCore.com.

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