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Essential Things Every New Homeowner Should Do

Every person dreams of owning their home. People work hard to make their dreams come true. Some can construct their house from the first dig to the last brick, however,… more
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Springtime Property Inspections

Springtime ushers in warmer days and blooming trees. It’s also a strategic time of year to inspect the overall health of your rental property. You should ensure you are scheduling… more
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A Different Kind of Smoke Damage

A home’s value generally relates to the condition and features of the property. Homeowners and sellers should understand that certain behaviors by residents have regularly been shown to negatively affect… more
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10 Item Checklist for Pre-Winter Maintenance

This easy to use checklist created by Think Realty’s sister company Affinity Loss Prevention Services, is a great way for you to get your properties prepared for the upcoming winter.… more

What’s It Going to Cost?

Understand the Costs Involved in Maintaining a Rental Property When Evaluating Whether to Make That Deal In recent articles, I have discussed the need for “financial literacy” and an understanding… more