Think Realty Podcast #286 – Conserve Your Cash With Bulletproof Wealth!

by , | Sep 12, 2023 | Alternative Investing, Investment Strategy, Podcast

We all want to safeguard our money for the future, but do you really know how to? Eddie sat down with Tom Laune, the creator of Bulletproof Wealth Strategy, to discuss how Tom helps, typically high net worth people, preserve their wealth over time. They talk about Tom’s journey from the music industry to creating Bulletproof Wealth Strategy. They chat about whole life policies and how to make money twice on the dollar, the freedom of the policy, and that the process to increase a policy isn’t as intimidating as you would think. Plus, they discuss the asset protection side of the policy and why it is essential for real estate investors. For more information, visit to learn more.

  • Eddie Wilson

    An entrepreneur and visionary by nature, Eddie’s widespread interests have led to successful ventures across the globe, from operating non-profits and owning an ad agency that worked with well-known household brands, to investing in hundreds of real estate projects and building a nationally syndicated radio show. Today, he guides AAPL and Think Realty with his marketing, funding, and real estate investing knowledge to ensure their establishment as the premier organizations in their sectors.

  • Tom Laune

    Tom enjoyed a 30-year career in the music industry as a recording engineer and producer. Early in his career, he purchased a disability income policy and later suffered a hearing loss and was no longer able to continue the job he loved. That policy provided tax-free income that allowed him to go back to school to learn how to help others. Tom created the Bulletproof Wealth® strategy to protect their income and grow wealth. The secret to his strategy is teaching people to use money like banks do to earn much higher rates of return than the average investor!

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