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Growing up assisting my father building and investing in strip malls, it was clear at an early age that real estate investing was a natural path for me to take. I received a formal education in design from the Interior Designers Institute of Newport Beach, California, and have more than 30 years of experience in commercial real estate development, custom home building, and flipping houses. Contact me at

7 Key Elements for a Craftsman Kitchen

1. Shaker Style Maple Cabinets

2. Dynasty Hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze Square Cabinet Knob

These knobs are solid with a smooth back side for comfort and feature a rich, oil-rubbed bronze finish. This pack of 25 will add the perfect finishing touch to any cabinet style.

BUY IT HERE $38.39/box (25-pack)

3. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Microwave

Pairing sleek style and convenience, this microwave boasts intuitive features, including a dishwasher-safe turntable to accommodate various dish sizes and preset options that deliver the perfect amount of time and heat.

BUY IT HERE for $228

4. Hamilton 2 ft. x 2 ft. Nail-Up Tin Ceiling Tile in Vintage Bronze

Great Lakes Tin Ceilings products provide the classic look of yesteryear with authentic recreations that make a lasting impression in any space. Available in nail-up and lay-in styles, the ceiling panels are easily applied with nails, screws or glue.

BUY IT HERE $6.24/sq. ft.

5. Champagne Smokey Quartz Countertops

6. Whirlpool Single Electric Stainless Steel Wall Oven

Get the right settings every time with this self-cleaning single wall oven. The touchscreen provides instant access to settings your family uses most. You can also have hands-free control of your built-in wall oven using voice control so you can still get other things done.

BUY IT HERE Prices vary

7. Castlebury Weathered Cottage Eurosawn Oak Hardwood Flooring

Made of the strongest hand-selected White Oak, Castlebury hardwood floors will endure the ages, shine as an aesthetic centerpiece of your home, and serve as the foundation on which you live your life.

BUY IT HERE for $7.29 /sq. ft.

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  • Michele Van der Veen

    Michele Van Der Veen, host of Good Day segments including Flip It, Decorate Like A Designer and Stage To Sell, started her career in real estate investing over 30 years ago. A published author herself, she has also been recognized and featured in international magazines for her unique approach to interior design. Acquiring a formal education from the Interior Designers Institute of California, Michele’s experience stems from building custom homes to flipping over 100 homes and working in commercial real estate development alongside her father at a young age. Not afraid to push the limit on her own designs/investments, she will often be heard reassuring her team about her decisions by saying “Don’t worry we are the comps!” For more on Michele’s work or to contact her go to

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