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Scaling the Wall of Maturities

A significant portion of outstanding commercial and multifamily mortgages held by CMBS-backed lenders were to mature in 2016-17—an upcoming “wall of maturities.” Online marketplace lenders have a place in sorting… more
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Measuring Risk

Risk is an accepted part of real estate investing, but that doesn’t mean an investor isn’t always looking for ways to lessen it—and there’s no shortage of vendors promising solutions.… more
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Tax Advantages

Any real estate investor who has been in the game for a while knows the benefits of direct property investment. Among the major asset classes, real estate enjoys many unique… more
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Understanding Insurance Designations

You have created an entity to hold title to your real estate, but did you change your insurance policy to reflect the change in ownership? Unfortunately, some real estate investors… more
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Estimating Operating Expenses

In previous articles, we have covered the need to understand terms, concepts and fundamentals of cash-flow analysis, as well as how to estimate effective gross income, operating expenses and net… more
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Defeating Defaults

As a specialist in owner financing of residential properties and a teacher to students across the nation, I am often asked about the default rate. Nationally, in 2010, the default… more
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Are Housing Prices Slowing?

Property is, in many areas, considered to now be about fully valued; interest rates can seemingly only go up; and the current low rates have been low for so long… more