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Understanding Second-Lien Loans

Second-lien loans differ from mezzanine debt and preferred equity in several respects; each has different sets of rights. Preferred equity, for example, should not be subject to bankruptcy concerns, as… more
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Just Who Is Treasury Pick Steven Mnuchin?

How much do you know about President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed Cabinet nominee Steven Mnuchin? Senate confirmation will put former Wall Street insider Mnuchin at the helm of the Treasury Department.… more
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Will Trump Really Dismantle Dodd-Frank?

As the Trump presidency takes hold, the debate over Dodd-Frank is growing. President-elect Donald Trump has promised to dismantle the banking reform act. Fed Chief Janet Yellen has promised to… more
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FHA Loan Limits Increase—For Now

In response to rising home prices nationwide, the Federal Housing Administration has raised loan limits for 2017. So if you have been or will be looking to buy a home,… more
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What’s Your Number?

How much time do you spend on planning a vacation versus planning your financial future? This was a question asked to me years ago, and it hit home. Now, when… more