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Finishing Touches

When it comes to design in an investment property, investors have been taught that “less is more.” While this can be true in some markets, a well-designed home with the… more
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Secrets in the Walls

It’s going to get messy, and walls hide a lot of secrets.” That’s the note of caution Erin Shipps, creator, executive producer and host of Kansas City-based web series “ShowMe… more
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The “New” Underwater Threat for Miami

Being “underwater” is what a lot of homeowners experienced during the housing meltdown, but for people in Miami, that term is gaining a whole new meaning – one that is… more
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3 Tips for Successful Speed Networking

If the mere thought of “speed dating” gives you the creepy-crawlies, then you’ve probably never considered “speed networking.” While the former might land you in front of two dozen potential… more