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From Real Estate’s Frontlines

Competition at distressed property auctions is starting to slip after hitting record highs in the first quarter of 2022. This trend foreshadows a continued slowdown in the larger retail market… more
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There’s No “Magic Hour”

Anyone watching the real estate market during the last year knows bidding wars and above-listing sale prices have defined this tumultuous time. Homes have gone under contract for the asking… more
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Home Ownership: An American Pipe Dream?

Home ownership is a pillar of American culture. It represents independence, status, and upward mobility. One could even say it’s one of the first steps in achieving the coveted “American… more
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Investors’ Role in the Housing Crisis

Looking at the economy, we see an ecosystem that works like a well-oiled piece of machinery. It has a lot of parts and wheels that each play a vital role… more
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Play the Odds

Sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine will boost energy costs around the world for years—and probably inflation and interest rates as well. I’m pretty much convinced this… more