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Become a Strategy Savvy Investor

We’ve all done it. At some point, we’ve driven by the house with the abandoned vibe and thought, “Man, somebody should buy that and turn it into a (insert: restaurant,… more
ArticleCommercialInvestment StrategyMultifamilySingle Family

Property Design with a Purpose

Every architectural endeavor starts by considering the function of the building. What will it be used for? What kind of people will use it? This has been true since the… more
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Commercial Loan Strategies: Outro

Episode 8 – 00:00:24 Thank you for watching and investing the time in yourself to prepare for financing in your upcoming real estate deals.… more To enjoy this content, you… more
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Commercial Loan Strategies: Loan Amounts

Episode 4 – 00:07:52 In this episode Eric discusses some benchmark loan amounts that you should be aware of when shopping for multifamily properties.  Find out where the terms change…… more