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Eddie Wilson

Affinity Worldwide

Eddie Wilson is CEO and President of Think Realty.

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Insight Doing Business

Business Efficiency

For the past decade, I have been a student of business operations. I have led multiple businesses that use operational systems such as Six Sigma or Kaizen. I have seen… more
Insight Industry Trends

The Land of Opportunity

No matter what your political or social view of the United States of America, you must acknowledge that it is by far one of the most attractive countries in which… more
Insight Industry Trends

Unnecessary Gaps

As the President of Affinity Enterprise Group, I am in a unique position to see interesting trends emerge as I look over the more than 60 companies under our company’s… more
Insight Doing Business

The Power of Brand

While it may be today’s favorite buzzword—and a much-overused one —brand is a business essential that you must leverage effectively. The very survival of your business depends on it. Without… more