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Investing Strategies

Protection for All

The home-buying process is comprised of several moving parts, but few are as misrepresented and under-appreciated as title insurance. In essence, title insurance protects you against anything that could’ve happened… more

A Guide to an Audit

Everyone has some form of tax anxiety. This anxiety can stem from the fear of audit, the unknown, or the amount paid in taxes. We have all heard the term… more

Trading Up

Profitable single-family rental properties take many different forms from simple, affordable homes, to high-end properties that allow you to charge an equally high-end rental rate. But profitability in rental homes… more

Customizable Relationship Tools

Look, if you’re like me—a fellow Real Estate Investor—you’re over it. The mere glimpse of these three letters makes you cringe. If you’re fortunate enough not to know what I’m… more

More Units, Less Money

As always, this asset class never ceases to amaze. Regardless of location, there are numerous benefits to mobile home park investing: cost per unit ratio, low repairs and maintenance, low… more
Investing Strategies

Process Is Your Protection

Growth in the real estate investment industry over the past decade has been staggering. As opportunity has grown more abundant, big banks have seized the opportunity to make money by… more

The Best Time to Purchase at Auction

Sponsored Advertising Content Finding the right property at auction isn’t just about having the means or experience, it’s also about timing. In the same way that traditional home sales have… more

Set Up Shop

A common question for many real estate investors is where I should set up my LLC or corporation. Unfortunately, there is not an easy answer because, like all planning, it… more