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Increasing Small Business Profits

The pandemic had a negative impact on almost every aspect of the economy, particularly for small business owners. Sadly, many had to close their doors forever. The good news is… more
Investing Strategies

Hard Money Loans Demystified

Regardless of the type of investor you are and your loan scenario, there is an array of loan programs designed to meet all your mortgage needs. Hard money and fix… more
Investing Strategies

Market Spotlight: Houston TX

Houston’s housing market has very strong momentum with limited downside risks in the near term. Intense buyer demand paired with low rates and low inventory will drive prices higher through… more
Master Investors

Women to Watch: Melissa Hamaker

Melissa Hamaker spent many years in commercial insurance before shifting to a career in real estate five years ago. As a busy mom she realized she needed a change from… more
Master Investors

Women to Watch: Tamara Day

For 20 years, Tamara Day has been buying, flipping, and renting out real estate. Her company Growing Days does full renovations on everything from residential to commercial properties and owns… more
Investing Strategies

Design by Theme

Envision it’s the 1950s and everyone has either greased hair or is wearing poodle skirts. One of my recent REI projects, a charming cottage I call The Pink Lady, takes… more
Investing Strategies

The Flipping Process

You want to start flipping homes, but you aren’t sure how to get started or how to get to the finish line? Flipping homes is not complicated, but there is… more