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Metrics Matter!

Fred and Tom were two young entrepreneurs who had just partnered to start a business. Unfortunately, they were struggling because they didn’t know their numbers, and they weren’t adjusting their… more
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Revolutionizing the Assisted Living Industry

Isabelle Guarino-Smith is the chief operating officer of the largest residential assisted living training organization in the country, Residential Assisted Living Academy. In her role, she teaches thousands of real… more
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Think Realty Honors: 2022 Winners

Multifamily Investor of the Year The honoree for this award is an investor excelling in multifamily real estate, including but not limited to, new construction and development, community master planning… more
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How to Maximize ROI on Your Next Fix and Flip

Calculating your potential for significant ROI can often be time-consuming and cause unwanted stress. When considering your next fix and flip, ensure you have the right tools to help you… more