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Property Design with a Purpose

Every architectural endeavor starts by considering the function of the building. What will it be used for? What kind of people will use it? This has been true since the… more
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The World Economy Is NOT Your Economy 

The global economy inevitably impacts the real estate industry. It is also true that many investors have been using it as a crutch to avoid starting to invest in real… more

Designing Your Entrepreneurial Life

You invest time into the design of your real estate properties, but what about the design of your business, and your life as an entrepreneur? How much time and care… more
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Reimagining City Living

The health crisis has fundamentally changed how people live, work, rest, and play. Spurred on by the blurring of our professional and personal lives, there is a new set of… more
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Essential Things Every New Homeowner Should Do

Every person dreams of owning their home. People work hard to make their dreams come true. Some can construct their house from the first dig to the last brick, however,… more