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Real Estate Investing Versus 401(k)

The most commonly accepted retirement plan in the United States today is the 401(k) plan. But have you considered real estate investment as a retirement vehicle? Let’s take a look… more
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What You Need to Know About the “Value-Add” Buzz

The problem with buzzwords in the world of investing is they replace sound decision-making with decisions based on hype. ​​Remember the buzzwords that dominated last year? Crypto and meme stocks… more
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Investors’ Role in the Housing Crisis

Looking at the economy, we see an ecosystem that works like a well-oiled piece of machinery. It has a lot of parts and wheels that each play a vital role… more
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What Is Legacy Investing?

Many of today’s entrepreneurs aren’t looking to start businesses just to make money; they are looking to make a difference while making money. For generations, the main reason for investment… more