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Investing Strategies

Global Real Estate Investing

With current U.S. real estate prices surging out-of-control, let’s look at five reasons why global real estate investing in Panama can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Many… more
Investing Strategies

5 Factors for Real REI Success

Many real estate investors tend to get caught in the trap of believing that since we have been investing in real estate for years that we have that many years… more

Hotel Outlook Remains Bifurcated in 2022

Summer vacations jump-started recovery. The U.S. lodging sector entered the autumn season having made up substantial ground during the spring and summer months. Loosened capacity restrictions, vaccine availability and pent-up… more
Investing Strategies

The Abstract Side of Real Estate

What does it even mean to invest in real estate? Historically, you buy a building. You develop. You occupy. You rent. You manage. Real estate has always been, literally, something… more