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Investing Strategies

Decision Time

America started charging income tax in 1913 and started taxing capital gains in 1916 (with a top rate for both of seven percent). From what sources tell us, the President… more

The Eviction Tsunami That Won’t Be

As the federal eviction moratorium continued to linger, headline after headline screamed hysteria such as the following: “According to one study, as many as 40 million people in 17 million… more
Investing Strategies

Digital Marketing Resources

The internet has certainly changed the way we do business for the better. With the use of smartphones widely adopted across the globe, almost all businesses are transferring to digital… more

Steady Returns

Rental properties more often than not guarantee you a steady return on your investment. This, alongside forming a fairly strong protective hedge around your financial future. The two most important… more
Investing Strategies

Creating a Stress-Free Rental Portfolio

As investors, we enjoy the thought of reaping the benefits of passive income, thus many of us look to rental properties when considering our options. Utilizing leverage to acquire properties… more