You’ve probably heard the phrase “less is more.”

While it’s usually applied to aesthetics, the idiom can also help with the management of your real estate investments — in particular, delegating task-oriented work to free you up for more business growth.

For more than five years, REVA Global has helped hundreds of real estate investors do less busywork and earn more money as a result. We help investors streamline their work by delegating a variety of tasks to highly-trained virtual assistants that specialize in making an impact for real estate investors.

Here are the three most common tasks that our virtual assistants execute for real estate investors looking to save time and money.

Lead management

Leads are the lifeblood of real estate investing. But to effectively capitalize on a lead, it takes time, persistence and dedication. After all, a great deal isn’t going to make itself. That’s why REVA handles all seller leads, follow-ups, executes outbound calls and follows up with sellers. Our virtual assistants’ focus is to convert leads into appointments that can become your next deal. Your virtual assistant can even schedule meetings for you once they’ve hooked the opportunity.

Social media

Similarly, with social media, a successful real estate investment firm should try to grow its digital following through a thoughtful strategy that’s consistently applied. But, as the chaos of life begins, many of us fall into patterns of sporadic updates and decreased traffic. The consistency and accuracy provided by virtual assistants take care of social media minutia. Virtual assistants stay on top of the need for digital omnipresence, posting creative content and updates in real time.

Basic property management

From vetting tenants and handling leases to property upkeep and working with contractors, basic property management can completely devour a busy investor’s schedule. We help investors save time by managing resident communication, leasing, marketing, maintenance and more.

We’ll even collect all the information you need and plot it into a database. This database will help you better communicate with vendors and tenants, create marketing campaigns, track projects and craft action plans.

As you know well, time is money. And at REVA Global, our highly effective virtual assistants can help free your time so you can make more of an impact on your business.

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  • Amy Ransdell

    Amy Ransdell is the CMO of REVAGlobal, Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Solution. Learn more at or contact the team at 1-800-626-3236.

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