SDIC Co-Founder Imran Clark Says Education is Key


What drives people to real estate from every walk of life? Imran Clark, co-founder of the San Diego Investment Club (SDIC) has a very simple answer: “At the end of the day, most of us really like hanging out with our families and going on vacation. For me, the more of that I can do, the better,” he said, noting that this fundamental truth is what led him from a career as a microbiologist to real estate investing more than 15 years ago.

“By the time most of us retire, only one percent of us will be ‘wealthy’ and only four percent of us will be ‘financially independent,’” he said, citing statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Clark went on to point out that HHS defines “financially independent” as making $35,000 a year.

Clark and his business partner, Darrell Kucan, are the co-founders of the San Diego Investment Club, a local group of real estate investors and entrepreneurs based around identifying and using proven investment strategies for the California real estate market. “Whether your business works with investments in real estate, businesses, notes, loans, annuities or IRAs, this group unites fellow investors in an informal mentoring environment with a discussion setting to exchange thoughts and ideas,” the two explained.

SDIC is, not surprisingly given the co-founders’ backgrounds, heavily based in providing educational value. Kucan has more than 20 years of real estate experience and is a former commercial real estate manager, developer and financier. Clark brings a Ph.D. in molecular biology to the table, along with his 15-plus years in the real estate space.

“What holds people back – what held me back when I was getting started – is a lack of knowledge, resources and time,” Clark explained. “Education is the key to overcoming fear,” he went on, noting that membership in SDIC is the first step to gaining access to more than 40 online courses and other training materials. “It’s everything you need to succeed under one roof,” he said.

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