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Investors’ Role in the Housing Crisis

Looking at the economy, we see an ecosystem that works like a well-oiled piece of machinery. It has a lot of parts and wheels that each play a vital role… more
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Tangible Assets in a Shrinking Economy

When the pandemic began upending society, the market sank for a few weeks and then recorded one of the greatest rallies in history. Stock prices rose the day rioters breached… more
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The World Economy Is NOT Your Economy 

The global economy inevitably impacts the real estate industry. It is also true that many investors have been using it as a crutch to avoid starting to invest in real… more
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Reset Expectations

The renewed plunge into coronavirus disruptions—this time by the omicron variant—increases the difficulty of separating temporary from longer-term changes to the U.S. economy. Economic disruptions often accelerate trends that had… more
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Clearing Skies

During this year, it has been difficult to figure out which local markets have the best potential for real estate investors. The pandemic not only cut growth in all markets… more