At REVA Global, we talk with entrepreneurs every day. We hear the needs of our clients and see time and again how outsourcing to trained Virtual Assistants enables our entrepreneur clients to get more done while feeling less overwhelmed all at a massive cost-saving over in-office hires. Ask our CMO, Amy Ransdell, she will tell you personally what a game-changer it has been for herself personally and professionally to work with dedicated trained Virtual Assistants.

Ransdell, who is also a full-time broker, real estate investor, and executive performance coach, has been in the industry for over 19 years and has helped thousands of real estate entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Her passion is helping real estate professionals optimize their results through strategic delegation, automation, and OUTSOURCING. As the leader of the REVA Global brand, Ransdell is also someone who utilizes our services to scale, expand, and efficiently run the marketing and sales team here as well as in her other businesses.

Growing and scaling a business can mean wearing multiple hats and that can be overwhelming. As real estate entrepreneurs, we have an inordinate amount of tasks that must be managed. The challenge often becomes finding ourselves not having enough time to focus on the most important decision making or revenue-producing activities of our business. We often find ourselves working in our business versus working on the business. By affordably outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you create time-equity for you to focus on running your business while you enjoy knowing all the administrative and repetitive tasks are being done for you. With outsourced, trained support you can scale efficiently. As we say at REVA Global, “Do what you do BEST and outsource ALL the REST!”

Ransdell, along with the amazing team at REVA, are disrupting the Virtual Assistant industry with an innovative approach to training and custom placement with clients. Since 2013, REVA Global has been the outsourcing solution for many of the country’s leading small to mid-size real estate businesses including brokerages, real estate teams, large scale investment firms, procurement and acquisition funds, property management companies, real estate coaching and training programs, and real estate software providers.

Our team of rock star Virtual Assistants are ready to help you. Start today by going to to review the tasks you can outsource and schedule a free strategy session with our consultation and placement team. As a Think Realty member, you receive 50% off the REVA Global advanced placement fee.

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  • Amy Ransdell

    Amy Ransdell is the CMO of REVAGlobal, Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Solution. Learn more at or contact the team at 1-800-626-3236.

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