May 31, 2020, is the last day to submit nominations for the Think Realty Honors, which will be awarded this September at the Think Realty Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia. These Honors are awarded each year to industry leaders who represent the very best of what the real estate industry has to offer. Only 1 nomination is needed per nominee; multiple nominations will not increase probability of winning the award.

1 | Who Should be Nominated?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Think Realty Honors revolves around exactly who should be nominated. Many investors wish to nominate individuals and companies with which they work personally, but believe those companies are “too little” to have a chance or to even be an appropriate nominee. Any individual you believe worthy of recognition should be nominated, no matter the scale of their business relative to the industry.

“Think Realty is not just a real estate investing community, we are a self-correcting community. That means Think Realty and Think Realty subscribers are daily advocates for those who are doing things correctly and serving the industry as a whole,” explained company owner and CEO Eddie Wilson.

2 | Who can nominate?

Anyone can submit a nomination. In fact, there is only one rule: You cannot nominate yourself! You do not have to be a Think Realty subscriber to submit a nomination. However, given that a free Think Realty account brings you access to an incredible volume of education, training, news coverage, and even subject-specific coaching opportunities, why wouldn’t you subscribe? You can do so as soon as you complete that nomination by clicking the “Join” button in the upper right-hand corner or by clicking here right now.

Don’t delay, however! Nominations close permanently on May 31, 2020.

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