In today’s competitive real estate investing landscape, lead generation is essential for growing the bottom line. Wholesalers and fix-and-flippers cannot survive without fresh leads!

Deal or No Deal?

Quality leads turn into appointments and some of those appointments will turn into lucrative deals.

High quality leads increase your odds of landing a good deal:

  • Quality leads on properties leads to…
  • Appointments with property owners leads to…
  • Running the numbers leads to…
  • Decision-Making: Do the Numbers Work?


What if I told you that in the matter of five minutes, you can either find your next acquisition or allow your competition the opportunity to set up this appointment and steal your deal?

Say you’re running a paid Google search lead generation campaign. Bear in mind whoever is opting into your lead capture page is also seeing your local competitors’ paid Google search ads.

If a new lead opted into your lead generation system, it means they made a mental connection with your ad copy. After navigating through your website, this person found enough value to provide you their personal information. Now you have a new lead waiting in your inbox. What’s the next step?

The Five-Minute Rule: Contact every lead within five minutes of their entry into your marketing system.

Strike while the iron is hot! If a property owner has actively responded to your marketing, it means they are interested in learning more about your services right now

In most cases, a potential seller won’t stop their search for answers until they make real contact with a perceived solution: likely a professional who engages their questions and appears prepared to set up an appointment. That means “your” lead is reaching out to your competition within seconds of entering your system unless you have the capacity to act fast with two constants, mindset and timing, in mind.

Tough Truth: If you wait just 45 minutes to follow up with your new property prospect, they may no longer be in the original mindset of selling the property, especially if they searched “sell my house fast.

In that relatively short period of time, they may have already called your competitor, gotten a response, and now are cooking dinner, picking the kids up from school, or doing various other activities. They no longer have time to talk to you about selling their property.

Remember, your lead’s search included the word “fast,” so you must make contact fast. Whether you set up an automated calling system, work with virtual assistants, or send them an online form to fill out with associated FAQs to help them feel confident in your abilities, your ability to “touch” them within five minutes of their initial entry into your system is vital. 

If you follow this five-minute rule, you will reap the rewards of a successful paid Google search campaign. If you don’t, then the only opportunity you might be left with is to find out what your leads are having for dinner!

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