Justin Schneider

  • Justin Schneider is the co-founder of WebSharks.com, where he manages millions of dollars in annual online advertising. Learn more about effective paid Google search lead generation for real estate investors at TheWebSharks.com.


3 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Results

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No matter how many articles you read about how Facebook is fading, the truth is that nearly every active real estate professional is still on the platform. That fact combined with Facebook’s extremely simple user interface for boosting posts makes it a very attractive promotional venue for investors regardless of ...

Finding the Sweet Spot for Your Paid Search Campaign

If you’re going after the online market for your real estate investing business, paid search is going to be part of the conversation. Don’t waste your money by failing to put in a little bit of “grunt work” (it’s research, folks!) on the front end. Whether you are a real ...

The 5-Minute Rule for Wildly Successful Digital Lead Generation

In today's competitive real estate investing landscape, lead generation is essential for growing the bottom line. Wholesalers and fix-and-flippers cannot survive without fresh leads! Deal or No Deal? Quality leads turn into appointments and some of those appointments will turn into lucrative deals. High quality leads increase your odds of landing a good ...