No matter how many articles you read about how Facebook is fading, the truth is that nearly every active real estate professional is still on the platform. That fact combined with Facebook’s extremely simple user interface for boosting posts makes it a very attractive promotional venue for investors regardless of their preferred investment strategy and level of digital Facebook marketing experience.

Whether you opt to run your own campaign from the start or hire an expert to help you with the process, you need to understand and monitor your boosted Facebook campaigns. Here are three tips to help you track your results, evaluate your progress, and optimize your strategy to get the best leads for your business.

Tip #1: Nothing in your campaign is set in stone.

Whatever you put on the internet stays forever, but you can change your Facebook campaign’s geo-targeted locations while the advertisement is live.

This means you can keep your social media traction (likes, comments, and shares) even while you refine your strategy.

Tip #2: Create custom ad copy for certain geo-targeted locations.

If you are targeting areas with high-quality school districts, theme your advertisements based on the schools’ names and mascots.

A few extra minutes to customize to the target area can yield leads perfectly fitted to your needs.

Tip #3: Monitor lead flow and adjust your target radius accordingly.

Remember, you can add specific target ZIP codes to your  geo-targeted area as well as using the radius tool to designate your target market. If your lead flow slows, adjust and expand. If it speeds up, get “pickier” to alleviate the pressure.

Adjusting your target helps insure your business can manage response time and lead evaluation in a timely manner, which is crucial to your campaign’s success.

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