Did you know the vast majority of single-family home housing providers own fewer than five properties? And, in Indiana, that majority, is over 90%?

Unfortunately, there are frighteningly few housing providers actively involved in fighting to protect their investments. These “mom-and-pop” housing providers may not have a plethora of resources to advocate for themselves, but the fight requires mainly one thing—teamwork. A little bit of time, effort, and/or money can go a long way. Imagine if all housing providers were organized and helped each other as much as tenant rights groups do to impact legislation and public opinion. Real estate investing can seem like a lonely industry, but it does not have to be, and the crucial cause of representation is nowhere near lost.

For all the talk of tenants’ rights around the country, the rights of housing providers are actually at risk as well, and investors might be discouraged and think they have no recourse. This is simply untrue. Investors are lucky here in Indiana because the laws make the climate friendly to both in-state and out-of-state housing providers relative to other states. But during the last several years, certain municipal and state laws affecting rental assistance have threatened aspects of housing providers’ control over the quality, affordability, and availability of their housing. Anyone can help keep an eye on law-making bodies, especially those whose pocketbooks are suffering because of mismanaged oversight.

Housing providers need to band together now more than ever. Whether that means volunteering, donating money, answering calls to action, or attending local and state meetings, they need to start supporting the people who are trying to get a seat at the table and fight legislation with unintended consequences. Think Realty and real estate investment associations are a wonderful and effective way to get involved. Please reach out to see how you can help yourself and your fellow housing providers.

Tim Hawkins is the government relations director for Jeff Jinks Law in Indianapolis, Indiana.

He attended Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law, where he graduated in May 2018. At McKinney, he was an integral part of recruiting efforts and a member of several important groups and committees that helped shape the future of the law school. He worked as the federal relations lead with the State of Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning as well as district administration director for U.S. Rep. Luke Messer.

Hawkins has extensive political, governmental, and healthcare experience. He lobbies at the state level, having helped pass and write multiple laws, and is on Think Realty’s Government Relations Committee. He is the vice chairman of the Indiana Physician Assistant Committee as appointed by the governor.
Alicia Ortiz has been involved in real estate since 2003 and has experience in almost every aspect of the industry, including serving on the board of directors of several real estate investment groups. She is a real estate broker and has been involved in protecting property rights.

In 2016, Ortiz became a founding board member of the Indiana State Real Estate Investors Association, an organization that stands up for investors.

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