Many real estate investors struggle to have an online presence, despite two out of three homeowners conducting their home sale research online. Investors know that online marketing presents a tremendous opportunity but are usually unsure how to take advantage of it, don’t have the resources to implement an effective strategy, or simply don’t have the time.


Jake Knight of Area Code Home Buyers explains, “When a homeowner is thinking about selling their house, there are certain keywords and phrases they type into their search engine (usually Google). You must identify the highest-converting keywords and implement on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to ensure your websites rank high for those keywords. It can be a massive undertaking for one investor, so you may want to speak with someone who can create a solution that allows investors to easily grab a share of this marketing channel without any heavy lifting.”


An example would be, a seller in Teaneck, New Jersey may wish to sell their house quickly. Using a geographically-targeted approach, that seller will see a local page for Teaneck as one of the top results. This page needs to be optimized for the investor who represents area code 201. The area code of 551, an overlay of the same geographic area, would not be available to another investor.


You need to create quality and in-depth original content, build links to multiple authoritative websites, generate positive media mentions, and stay on top of Google’s ever-changing search algorithm. The average investor isn’t capable of doing all of these things on a large scale, however a skilled digital marketing agency will have a team of experts to handle it all.


If you need assistance Area Code Home Buyers can connect investors with sellers who go online to find a home buyer. ACHB is a fully-managed, turnkey SEO service for investors around the United States and Canada. Only one investor is allowed for each area code. There are only 377 telephone area codes in North America (USA + Canada) and most cover approximately 1 million people.


Territories in most states are starting to fill up fast. To get exclusive SEO results in your desired territory, send an e-mail to


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